Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection 
Û²   Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software enables you to       ²Û
Û²    design and develop amazing work, collaborate effectively, and         ²Û
Û²    deliver virtually anywhere.                                           ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²    Craft a corporate identity using Illustrator CS5 to engage your       ²Û
Û²    audience online. Use new Flash Catalyst CS5 to make it part of an     ²Û
Û²    expressive, interactive interface without writing code.               ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²    Use Flash Professional CS5 to engage your audience with microsites    ²Û
Û²    and casual games that present your designs consistently across        ²Û
Û²    desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.                               ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²    Enhance HD video productions with high-resolution imagery from        ²Û
Û²    Photoshop CS5 Extended. Add intricate effects using After Effects     ²Û
Û²    CS5, and edit dramatically faster in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.          ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²    What's inside:                                                        ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended                                        ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Illustrator CS5                                               ²Û
Û²    * Adobe InDesign CS5                                                  ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro**                                               ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5                                            ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Flash Professional CS5                                        ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Flash Builder 4                                               ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Dreamweaver CS5                                               ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Fireworks CS5                                                 ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Contribute CS5                                                ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Premiere Pro CS5                                              ²Û
Û²    * Adobe After Effects CS5                                             ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Soundbooth CS5                                                ²Û
Û²    * Adobe OnLocation CS5                                                ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Encore CS5**                                                  ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Bridge CS5                                                    ²Û
Û²    * Adobe Device Central CS5                                            ²Û
Û    * Adobe Dynamic Link                                                   ²Û                                                                       
Û²   Add the following line to your hosts file located in                   ²Û
Û²   C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts:                                      ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û² activate.adobe.com                                           ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²   or use the included patcher and then use our                           ²Û
Û²   keymaker to install the suite.                                         ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²                                                                          ²Û
Û²   Multilingual = DE EN FR IT NL PT SE                                    ²Û
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