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FirePasswordViewer tool can decrypt and display these secrets on the same lines as the Firefox built-in password manager. The main advantage of FirePasswordViewer is that it does not require Firefox to be running. This is very useful in recovering the sign-on details when Firefox fails to function properly. Also FirePasswordViewer can be used to display sign-on secrets from different profile (other than current profile) as well as from the different operating system (such as Linux, Mac etc.) altogether. This greatly helps forensic investigators who can copy the relevant files from the target system to test machine and view the credentials offline without affecting the target environment. The displayed sign-on information can then be saved to a file in standard HTML format which can be used as valuable and quick offline reference.

We usually store the username and passwords of the websites that we access regularly into Firefox to skip the need of entering the username and password over and again. Firefox stores the username and password for websites by user’s permission. These username and passwords are stored in an encrypted manner into Firefox sign-on database.
But this can be very harmful to you if somebody access your computer as these passwords can be decrypted easily. So, your accounts may get hacked. I will also show you the method to protect yourself from getting hacked .It also support all Firefox browser versions.
Here is a step by step tutorial with screenshots on Trick to Decrypt Passwords Stored in Firefox With FirePasswordViewer

1.     Click here to Download FirePasswordViewer(2.0Mb).
     This is freeware utility and is also available in portable version.
2.     After downloading run the portable version of the software.
3.     It will automatically find the path of your Firefox user profile.
4.     Now click on Start Recovery button. It will list all the stored website with username and password.

5.     The passwords are hidden. To unhide them Click on the Show Password button

6.     The passwords are hidden. To unhide them Click on the Show Password button

Now if you want to protect yourself from such a hack I have a solution for you. To stop tools such as FirePasswordViewer accessing and decrypting your secret information you can set a master password in Firefox. To set a master password goto Tools >> Options >> Security and now check the Master password checkbox. Enter your password and now your information is secure.

Note: The aim of this tutorial is to help you recover your passwords stored in your Firefox browser and to protect you from getting hacked.

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