AppLocker is a completely new feature for Windows 7 that enables you to lock down certain applications for users that you specify, using rules and properties to provide access control for applications.

          Meant primarily for businesses, it's available in Windows 7 Ultimate, while you can also create rules in Windows 7 Professional.
         You can configure numerous rules including restricting applications by publisher, for example, so you could restrict certain games or simply applications you use for work. AppLocker is hidden away though, in the Local Group Policy Editor.


            To launch this, run GPEDIT.MSC and go to Computer Configuration Windows Settings. Then highlight Security Settings and look for Application Control Policies. AppLocker is within this group. 

          Here click on any application checkbox and then click on Save button to block any software. For example, if you want to block Internet Explorer then select the checkbox of internet explorer and now after saving the change click on Internet Explorer to start it. Here you will get following message:

           Now here you can add other application other than the default lock application list, you can lock other programs by clicking the “Configure” button to open the configuration window. Type the caption you want displayed on the ‘Lock application list’. Then, type the programs executable file name and click the ‘Add’ button to add new applications.

So in this Way you can lock your Application in your Windows 7

If Applocker is not there in your windows 7 Version then download it from below


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